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How Luggage Concierge's Delivery Service Works

Ordering Luggage Concierge services is easy and fast! Click here to start your order, or continue reading about how it works.

Step 1: My Home Address
Your home address is where you normally reside and where you receive mail. Enter a new address; or, enter your email address and password, and check the 'Look Me Up' box.

Step 2: My Luggage
We need to know the sizes and shapes of your bags. Fill in the number of bags of each type. Your bags will be waiting for you to meet them when you get there!

Step 3: Welcome Packet Address
You will receive a Welcome Packet within two business days. The Welcome Packet includes general instructions and information as well as outgoing/return pre-paid shipping labels. Please select from either your Home Address or My Addresses, or enter a New Name and Address.

Step 4: Luggage Pickup
A Luggage Coordinator will schedule a pick up for the luggage. Please choose one of the following:

Step 5: Delivery Address
This is where your luggage is going. Enter a new name & address, or select from My Addresses.

Step 6: My Travel Dates
Please select a service speed and the dates for pickup and return. We can schedule a pick up within 72 hours. Note: All schedules operate only on business days.

Step 6 - Continued: Luggage Return
Tell us the return address, and Luggage Concierge will complete the round-trip arrangements.

Step 7: Optional Services
Luggage Concierge provides a $1,500.00 domestic insurance policy on the contents of each bag, and $300.00 per bag for international delivery. You may purchase additional domestic insurance at $0.50 per $100.00 of insurance or additional international insurance at $1.00 per $100.00 of insurance. There is a maximum limit of $50,000.00 additional insurance.

Step 8: Confirm Order Details
Please review and confirm your order, then click Continue to enter your payment information and complete your order.

Step 9: Enter Payment Information
Please fill out the credit card information below. Once submitted, Luggage Concierge will charge the credit card. For your safety and security, does not save credit card information.

Step 10: Your Order is Accepted - Thank You!
You may want to print this page and save it, or wait for our confirmation email to arrive in your inbox. You will receive the travel service documents described in Step 3 at your Welcome Packet Address within two business days!


(914) 829-9653
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