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What is Luggage Concierge?

Luggage Concierge is a full service luggage shipping company. Our goal is to eliminate the hassle of traveling with your bags by providing a door-to-door service to and from your destination, allowing you to breeze through airports without the discomfort and inconvenience of carrying them. [Back to Top]

Who uses Luggage Concierge?

Luggage Concierge is available to both business and leisure travelers. Customers who have found our service convenient include travel agents, cruise passengers, resort guests, senior citizens, children going to camp, college student and dual residence owners. [Back to Top]

What are the advantages of using shipping services rather than checking my baggage?

Luggage Concierge provides you, the customer, a first class service to Travel Smarter by eliminating the hassle of airport check-in. We have Luggage Coordinators who continually track your shipment so that when you arrive, your luggage is already there. To increase customer comfort and security, we offer complimentary $1500 insurance for domestic travel and $300 for international travel. [Back to Top]

Do I have to do anything special to prepare my bags?

With the convenience of our Welcome Packet, shipping labels, customer information, and telephone numbers we have taken the hassle out of assembling a bag for shipment. [Back to Top]

What are the benefits of Luggage Concierge over other competitors?

With a model for service excellence, Luggage Concierge provides customers a first-class experience that is incomparable with the most competitive pricing in the industry. [Back to Top]

How much does Luggage Concierge cost?

Based on the size of luggage and speed in which it needs to arrive, the cost depends on the service you choose. Please see our quote page to obtain a quick quote immediately. [Back to Top]

How do these prices compare to other companies?

Luggage Concierge is pleased to announce that we are the "Industry Leader" in price in luggage ground shipping. [Back to Top]

Is there a minimum charge?

There is no minimum charge to ship your luggage. The minimum size limits are a small duffle bag or small upright for up to 35lbs. [Back to Top]

Is there a limit to the number of bags or a weight limit per bag?

Unlike airlines, there is no limit to the number of bags we can ship. The maximum weight limit per bag is 150 lbs. (Weight exceeding over 61lbs will incur additional charges.) [Back to Top]

Where do you pick up my luggage and where can it be shipped?

Your baggage can be picked up at an address of your choosing and shipped to almost anywhere in the world! [Back to Top]

Can I schedule a pickup for the weekend?

Presently, Luggage Concierge is unable to schedule a weekend pickup. [Back to Top]

Can I pick a specific time of day for my bags to be picked up?

All residential pickups are in the afternoon roughly between the hours of 12 noon and 7pm, although there are exceptions in certain locations. There is, however, more flexibility with a business address pickup. [Back to Top]

What can't I ship?

Luggage Concierge follows the standards enforced by the TSA for any domestic or international travel. Please click here to see a list of prohibited items. The shipment of weapons, drugs, explosive and hazardous items is strictly prohibited. [Back to Top]

How will I know the status of my shipment?

A Luggage Coordinator will contact you by your preference of phone, fax or email throughout the process. We also provide you a UPS Tracking number for your convenience. [Back to Top]

How much is my luggage insured for?

Luggage Concierge includes a $1500 domestic insurance policy on the contents of each bag, and $300 per bag for international delivery. [Back to Top]

Can I purchase additional insurance for my luggage?

Domestically, Luggage Concierge is proud to offer a $1500.00 insurance policy per bag to each customer ($300 per bag for international delivery). You can purchase additional insurance at $0.50 per $100.00 of insurance. There is a maximum limit of $50,000.00. For International travelers, we provide a $300 insurance policy with the option to purchase up to $50,000 worth of insurance at $1.00 per $100.00. [Back to Top]

How long will it take for my luggage to get to its destination?

The time it takes for your luggage depends on the type of service you choose. Luggage Concierge allows the customer to choose their service based on their arrival at their destination. [Back to Top]

Is there a cancellation policy?

There is a one time charge of $75.00 should a customer cancel his/her order after the Welcome Packet has been shipped. [Back to Top]

What service types are available?

Our ground service (3-6 business day delivery) is the most popular and affordable option. We also offer a service for 1 day, 2 day and 3 day air delivery. [Back to Top]

How many days in advance should I prepare my bag to ship?

The minimum time necessary before shipment is 72 hours. Luggage Concierge strongly encourages the customer to plan ahead so that the best affordable rate can be provided. [Back to Top]

If I am going on a cruise, can I ship my bag directly to a port?

Please call 1.800.288.9818 to speak with a Luggage Coordinator. [Back to Top]

If I ship my luggage internationally, should I prepare more time for delivery?

Due to customs requirements, Luggage Concierge would need approximately 14-business days advanced notice from time of booking to deliver your luggage. Please call 1.800.288.9818 to speak with a Luggage Coordinator. [Back to Top]

What documents do I need to supply for an international shipment?

Please click here to enter our International Travel site with information regarding travel requirements and forms. [Back to Top]


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