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Featured on (May 2009)
Luggage Concierge Announces Alliance with UPS International.

Featured on (October 2007)
7 tips for avoiding lost baggage.

Featured on (October 2007)
Cruise Travel: Take the LUG out of Luggage.

Featured on (August 2007)
Luggage Shipping Companies Allow Travelers to Fly Light.

Featured on (August 2007)
Express Luggage.

Featured on (July 2007)
Travel Troubleshooter: Lost luggage, ignored claim.

Featured on (May 2007)
A Travel Find: Say Good Bye to Lost Luggage.

Featured on (May 2007)
Father's Day Gift Guide - Travel & Leisure.

Featured on NBC's Today Show, with Peter Greenberg (January 2007)
How to cope with lost luggage.

Featured on (August 2006)
Liquids and Luggage in the "New Normal".

Featured on (April 2005)
Luggage Concierge.

Featured in MSN Money: 10 Ways to Travel Like a Billionaire


Featured in ENTREE: (January 2010).

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Featured in In Magazine: (December 2006).

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Featured in In Magazine: (November 2006).

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Featured in Wedding In Style: (Fall 2006).

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Featured in Quest: (December 2005).

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Featured in Executive Traveler: (October/November 2005).

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Featured in Architectural Digest: (October 2005).

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Featured in Golf Magazine: The Shipping News (October 2005).

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Featured in Golf Magazine Online: Raincheck Your Bag (Summer 2005).

Featured in Caesars Palace Quarterly: Anytime Ahead of Time (Summer 2005).

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Luggage Concierge was recently featured in Forbes FYI (April 2005).
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